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To a great teacher and a great person...

Kunhome AUP school.

A tall man, brownish in complexion, clean shaven with an unobtrusive moustache approached and with his body leaning on a pillar introduced himself. "Hello, I am Satheeshan A.M. There are a lot of Satheeshans in Kunhome AUP school, so remember A.M too. I am a Maths
teacher. Keshavan Sir introduced your name to me even before you arrived here today and  I am glad to meet you." Without losing a breath, he continued, "You see, I have a problem. I am not in a proper state of mind. I am fine to teach, but rest of the things do not make sense to me. I am not in a proper state of mind because I lost my son recently." It came out spontaneously.  He went on to tell about his son who was studying in seventh standard in Kozhikode. Satheeshan lost his son 45 days ago- in a road accident apparently due to reckless driving. The driver who rammed his car on two boys was less than eighteen years old and was racing his Fortuneer (his dads probably) on a narrow scho…