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Learning through meanderings …

Sufaid, Jalal, Impana, Sufian, Dilshad and Illias visited Reach India during the weekends. Impana and Sufaid reached at the wee hours on Saturday morning. I picked them up from Mananthavady. Jalal joined us on Saturday afternoon and Sufian made his presence felt late on Saturday evening.
While Sufaid and Impana rested of Saturday morning, I went on to attend the Gram Sabha at Korom. It was evening by the time I came back home. When I returned, Jalal had already joined Sufaid and Impana.
As the evening progressed, Impana suggested to paint and decided to paint Warli paintings on the wall. Jalal was experimenting with mask painting on Sufaid’s face. Sufaid had a cool camera and I started experimenting with aperture and shutter speed. Following the dinner, I requested Sufaid to sing Khwaja ji. Sufaid has a mesmerizing voice and post dinner we sat for almost an hour singing one song after the other. Mostly it was Sufaid’s personality that set the tone for the evening. We winded up singing …