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Parents role in child education

On my way back home, walking along the tar road late in the evening, with paddy field swaying on the either side, and the sky turning crimson red, he pointed how mynas are useful birds since they eat the insects while parrots and pigeons are not since they not only peck the grain they cut the whole inflorescence. "I did not know that", I told him. Rajesh walking with me bare footed and 'mundu' folded patted me and smiled. Rajesh is a farmer, and a proud father.  

Rajesh Krishnan and Uma along with their five year old, Vani have recently moved to Kakavayal (near Thrisslery, wayanad). Both of them have moved to Wayanad from Bangalore last year. Uma is from Madurai, was bought up in Jodhpur since her father was in Army. Uma previously did a documentary on Pakistan refugees along the north west Rajasthan. Rajesh is from Trivandrum. Rajesh is now a full time farmer. His aim is to bring back indigenous varieties of rice and grow them organically. 

Vani is studying in the loc…