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A Story, a dream continues...

A Story, a dream continues...-by Vaishnavi Mohan and Deepthi J Students at Azim Premji University
Our visit to Reach India Foundation was intended to give us some field exposure so that when we return to our classrooms after our semester break we go with a richer experience and a big bag of questions. That was exactly what happened in the few days we spent there. We met interesting people, had long conversations about things that we held valuable and learned a little bit about the education system that exists in the Thondarnad Panchayat. 

Our initial interaction with Janaki had taken place when he came to Azim Premji University for Kappi Aur Charcha. Further interaction with the team members gave us better clarity on what this new organization was intending to do. It was the brainchild of few Malayalee students at APU who felt that Kerala public education system needs qualitative intervention. This seed of a thought gradually took them to this small sp…